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8194 have joined the movement

Imagine a Melbourne where no one sleeps on the streets.

We're proud to be one of the world’s most progressive and liveable cities, yet thousands of Melburnians are homeless today. 

We want more for Melbourne - a liveable city for all of us.  

We’re making Melbourne a world-leading city in ending homelessness, starting with ending rough sleeping by 2030. 

Together, we’re calling for change and taking action by knowing what we can do in the moment to help, sparking change in our community, and being part of systems change that ends homelessness for good. 

Add your voice. Be part of positive change today. 

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How will you give someone a hand up?

March 12, 2024

More than 7,500 people just like you have put their names to our movement to make Melbourne a world-leading city in ending homelessness – starting with ending rough sleeping by 2030!   This month we also warmly welcome Open House Melbourne, Ermha 365, Alfred Health,...

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Together, we CAN be Australia's first city to end rough sleeping by 2030.