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So, you've joined the Melbourne Zero movement already? Thank you! You’re now part of a grassroots movement helping make Melbourne a world-leading city in ending homelessness, starting with ending rough sleeping by 2030. Keep an eye on our socials and your email inbox for updates on our progress together. 

In the meantime, there are many ways you can continue to make local change.

Be part of the change in your local LGA

The Melbourne Zero movement is developing local chapters across different Local Government Areas (LGAs) to end rough sleeping. Here are three ways you can get involved today.


Start or join a local Melbourne Zero Action Group

If you've joined the movement, you may get emails from your local group from time to time. To get involved with your local group, email us below, introducing yourself and telling us your LGA.

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Advocate for change at your local Council

There are two key ways to advocate to council: through public meetings, and h advocating for individual councillors to champion change.

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Organise an Action Group within your workplace

It only takes a few steps to create an engine for change within your organisation, and to enable active engagement with the topic of ending homelessness.

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Know what to do in the moment: Stop, Share and Care

Seeing someone sleeping rough in your local area can feel confronting, especially when you're unsure how to help.

While there's no one right action, it is clear that the kindness of strangers can make the world of difference. And that means each of us.


See the person. Simple actions from making eye contact or a warm smile can be the start of acknowledging someone's humanity and dignity. Acknowledge the person is there and part of our community. If it feels appropriate, consider pausing to share a pleasant comment.


If it feels appropriate, consider asking how the person is and if there's something they'd like. Sharing a hot coffee, voucher, food, money or socks can brighten someone's day. If they have an animal, share kind words about it or ask what their pet's name is. Be sure to keep your own expectations in check. Be mindful that some people don't want to be approached.


While you've just shown that our community cares, know there's more you can do as you walk away. Contacting your local council can help connect someone with the immediate and longer term support they need. Read on for other actions you can take to help.

Contact us about becoming a Community Organiser.

Want to create change in your local area? Help scale community action to end homelessness in Melbourne.

We're looking for people like you to take the Melbourne Zero movement to the next level. Interested in mobilising like-minded people to help end street homelessness in your local area? Please get in touch today.

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Add your voice today

From business leaders to your next-door neighbours, we're calling on every Melburnian to join the Melbourne Zero movement and help end homelessness in our city.