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Great minds! See how many people like you have joined the Movement

March 01, 2023

Over 1000 people have joined the Melbourne Zero movement - people, businesses and community organisations like you who all want to see a Melbourne with zero street homelessness. A people-powered force for good is building across our city! 

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'Love letter to Melbourne' in The Age invites community to help end homelessness

February 14, 2023

An alliance of 26 Melbourne-based businesses, brands, organisations and community groups have today publicly called on fellow Melburnians to join them in showing we're a caring city and taking practical actions to make zero homelessness a reality. The newly-formed Melbourne Zero Network have signed a 'love...

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Add your voice today

From business leaders to your next-door neighbours, we're calling on every Melburnian to join the Melbourne Zero movement and help end homelessness in our city.