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City of Yarra Officially Commits to Ending Homelessness

"Yarra Zero is a human-centred approach to a very human problem... We recognise the line between having a home or not can change very quickly, and the ways in and out of homelessness are not straightforward."

City of Yarra Deputy Mayor Edward Crossland

Last night, we celebrated the official launch of the City of Yarra’s commitment to end homelessness, starting with ending rough sleeping. "Yarra Council is proud to have had a long-standing partnership with Launch Housing, whose teams have undertaken homelessness outreach in our city for many years. We were one of the first municipalities in the state to develop a homelessness protocol that ensures a human rights-based approach to homelessness at a local level," said City of Yarra Deputy Mayor Edward Crossland.

From Collingwood to Abbotsford and Richmond to Carlton North, local services have begun collaborating to get to know each person sleeping rough by name, understand their needs and support them in finding and sustaining housing. 

“We know that working with the State Government and local councils is critical to grow housing supply & develop a pathway from rough sleeping to a home", said Launch Housing Chief Executive Bevan Warner.

Yarra is the sixth Victorian LGA to join the Zero movement to end street homelessness.  

Check the progress of each LGA here. If your LGA isn’t on the list, consider contacting your LGA to ask them about their plans to increase affordable housing and end street homelessness.

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