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How will you give someone a hand up?

More than 7,500 people just like you have put their names to our movement to make Melbourne a world-leading city in ending homelessness – starting with ending rough sleeping by 2030!  

This month we also warmly welcome Open House Melbourne, Ermha 365, Alfred Health, Community Solutions, and The Salvation Army to our growing Network of partners.  

With the movement growing every week, together our calls for change and actions will help to end rough sleeping in Melbourne! 

In this month’s update, dive into a thought-provoking article from Peter Mares about how our housing system perpetuates homelessness, watch a story of resilience and hope from someone who has experienced rough sleeping, and read how more LGA’s are showing interest in the zero approach to end rough sleeping.  

Melbourne Zero

Peter Mares: How housing is widening the gap between rich and poor


Homelessness is not a bug in the system, writes Peter Mares – it’s a predictable outcome of our housing policies, and if we want to eliminate homelessness, we need a different approach.  

Our movement in action  


Last week we ran our first grassroots action workshop to help you create meaningful, local change.   

One thing several people raised was not knowing what to do in the moment when we see someone sleeping rough.  

While there's no one right action, it’s clear that the kindness of strangers can make the world of difference. Find out more about how you can stop, share and care – and dive into grassroots action guides, including advocating to your local council to create positive change in your LGA here. 

Sydney’s story  


“The only time I ever look down on someone is when I’m giving them a hand up”  

Sydney's story is one of resilience amidst adversity. Born into challenging circumstances, he shared how acts of kindness from the community profoundly impacted his experience of homelessness. 

He sat down with us for a raw, honest reflection on what it’s like to sleep on the streets and things he has learnt during this time. 

Mornington Peninsula looking to Zero 

 Photo: Landmark Bridge, Frankston. Credit: Robert Stokoe

Did you spot the good news in the media last week? Mornington Peninsula Shire Council is looking to partner with Frankston to help tackle homelessness following a successful few years in the LGA. Frankston Zero started in July 2021, when rough sleeping numbers were in the 60’s. Since then, the numbers have trended downwards.  

It’s great to see how connecting with and understanding the needs of each person sleeping rough, and a collective impact approach by partners across the community is leading not only to progress in Frankston, but inspiring other LGA’s to get on board.  

Homelessness in the spotlight nationally 


The Guardian Australia’s investigation into Australia’s homelessness crisis found a shocking life expectancy gap – the average age at death for people experiencing homelessness was just 44.  

The Australian Medical Association says the hundreds of premature homelessness deaths is a national tragedy and has added it’s call to the government to not only invest in a monitoring regime, but also improve services. 

More homes + healthcare + support = zero homelessness. 

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