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Melbourne is proud to be one of the world’s progressive and liveable cities.  So how is it still possible that hundreds of Melburnians are homeless every night?

People are caught in the ultimate CATCH-22. 

They are perilously unsafe and unable to access the healthcare and support they need without housing… and they cannot access or retain housing without getting the support and healthcare they need.   

Those health problems escalate every single night through the trauma and hardship of living on the street.  And it means people cycle in and out of short-term crisis accommodation and hospital emergency departments (wards already overwhelmed.)

You CAN help break this crazy CATCH-22. 

Join the Melbourne Zero movement, a campaign to end homelessness, starting with rough sleeping, the most visible and severe form of homelessness. 

Melbourne is a kind city.  And a caring city doesn’t walk past the issue.  We CAN become a world-leading city in ending street homelessness.  Solutions exist. 

Never in recent history have more leaders made strong commitments to build more affordable housing.   But for the most vulnerable bricks and mortar alone will not end street homelessness.  Because street homelessness is also a health emergency. 

We need healthcare and wrap-around services to ensure vulnerable people get the support they need to heal, recover and get their life on track. Permanently.

Melbourne, we have a rare moment in time.  The Commonwealth Government, states and territories are working on a new blueprint for change.  It will impact Melbourne and every city in Australia.  It’s called the National Housing and Homelessness Plan. 

Add your voice and call for our Leaders to ensure HEALTHCARE and SUPPORTIVE HOUSING are at the heart of any plan to end homelessness. 

Homes + healthcare + support = ending homelessness.

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