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What do YIMBYs, Pets, and Frankston have in common?

Great news - more than 4,600 Melburnians agree with you that together, we can end street homelessness in Melbourne! We’re just getting started, so please keep encouraging your friends and family to join our movement for change 

Did you catch the recent Super Rugby Pacific Culture Round? Melbourne Zero Network member Melbourne Rebels’ played as the Naarm Rebels, wearing a jersey designed in collaboration with artists from proud Kamilaroi, Tongan and Samoan heritage. Check out the beautiful meanings behind the design.  

In this month’s newsletter, you can pick up tips about being a good ally to the Yes campaign for the Voice to Parliament, learn about SHAPE Australia’s work to create welcoming homes and find out about Frankston LGA’s progress towards ‘Functional Zero’ homelessness.

Watch Alex explain how artistic practice is helping her settle into her home; be inspired by Big Thinkers on how we think about kinship connections, housing abundance, and pet relationships - and 
don’t miss your invitation to RSVP to a special event during National Homelessness Week in August. Limited tickets are available 



A shout-out to SHAPE

Before and after image of crisis housing, Launch Housing Southbank

SHAPE Australia is a fit-out and construction specialist and a proud member of the Melbourne Zero Network 

Recently they refurbished 46 rooms at Launch Housing’s Southbank site, providing short-term crisis accommodation and support to people experiencing homelessness. Each beautiful room is now a warm and welcoming space and feedback from staff and residents has been amazing.  

Learn more about SHAPE Australia's work here.


A rough sleeping snapshot from the inner city & outer suburbs 

Frankston Art Centre

Frankston Pier. Photo by G McKenzie


Homelessness in Melbourne is not only an inner-city crisis. The Frankston Zero project group recently hosted a series of roundtables with specialist homelessness agencies, government bodies, and industry experts to tackle the impact of the housing crisis in Frankston City.

The report includes recommendations for the future of housing and homelessness in the area, calling on State and Federal Governments to increase social housing, particularly for singles, permanent supportive housing, and youth foyers. It also proposes to strengthen the connection between health and housing to ensure people with complex support needs have access to vital services. 

Homes + healthcare + support = ending homelessness.


When art helps to make a home  

A person wearing glasses sits on a chair, staring at the camera.

“I think people forget how cold it is at three in the morning on the streets of Melbourne in winter.” 

Alex’s artistic, European soul drew her to Melbourne with the promise of a stimulating life. But financial struggles, along with managing mental health, saw her sleeping on the streets off and on for 10 years.

After walking into an emergency room and asking for help, Alex found support that then helped find her own home.

Watch Alex’s story about making art again, feeling in control of her life, and becoming who she wants to be in the world.  

Know what to do when you see someone sleeping rough? 

Here are some suggestions on what you can do, actions both small and large, in the moment and in the longer term to help.  

Big Thinkers talk kinship connections, saying YIMBY and pets 

Painting, Smith St, Fitzroy

We don't have 'clients'. We have kinship connections  

Ngwala Willumbong explain how the experience of homelessness across a First Nation’s landscape is not akin to any other community. We do not have ‘clients’. We have community members, we have kinship connections, and we have family units who engage in our services. Read more.

Saying “Yes” to Housing Abundance 

Jonathan O’Brien, lead organiser of the YIMBY Melbourne movement, explains how we can create a city with a rich housing ecosystem where everyone has a home. Read more.

 Creature Comforts: Animal Bonds and Homelessness 

We talk with Yvonne Hong from Pets of the Homeless and Jess Heerde from the University of Melbourne about how pets enrich and can complicate the lives of people experiencing homelessness. Read more.

Looking for more you can DO to help? 

Three women stand with blue Roughin' It Challenge branded beanies

Take on a team challenge for a day that helps end homelessness for a lifetime  

Experience 24 hours with no bed, one bag, and just $10 in The Roughin’ It Challenge 

Gather a team together, pick a date and get sponsored (it supports Melbourne Zero!) – spark conversations that help tackle homelessness in Melbourne for good.

Sign up today. 

Be a good ally to the Voice 

In the coming months, we will vote on the Voice to Parliament, which gives Indigenous Australians a say over things that affect them. You can help show your support by:  


RSVP today to a special National Homelessness Week event 

Find out how Melbourne’s homelessness crisis compares to nine other well-known Australian and International cities, and get inspired to be part of the solutions. Book your free ticket today to this panel event at Melbourne Town Hall, starting at 5:45 pm, Monday, 7 August.

Limited spots are available for Melbourne Zero supporters!

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