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City of Dandenong

In July 2022, the City of Greater Dandenong and Launch Housing launched Dandenong Zero.

Dandenong Zero takes a place-based collective impact approach to reduce the numbers of people experiencing rough sleeping by connecting with and getting to know each person, and adding them to the local By Name List to enable a focused client-centred service response. Knowing everyone by name, understanding their needs and providing an integrated service response helps people find and sustain housing.   

The project is underpinned by a strong network of local service providers who work together and share data to provide a truly client-centred approach and to help build trust with clients who have often been moved from service to service over their many years of homelessness.

Local partners have united to support this project including WAYSS, Monash Health, ERMHA, The Salvation Army, Cornerstone, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Centre for Multicultural Youth, and Wintringham. Enabling partners include the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, Housing Victoria, the Department of Justice, Victoria Police, and the Southern Homelessness Network.

Project goal

To achieve Functional Zero homelessness for people sleeping rough in the City of Greater Dandenong by July 2025.

How are we going?

As of the end of July 2022:

Total number of people added to the By Name List = 69


Entirely philanthropic and local government funded, Functional Zero projects are made possible through the generosity of:  

  • Estate of the late Ernest Lonsdale Brown  
  • Fred J Cato Charitable Fund   
  • Miss M K A Bell Memorial Fund   
  • Oliver-Affleck Fund  
  • Percy Baxter Charitable Trust  
  • Ross Trust  
  • The Blueshore Charitable Trust, managed by Australian Philanthropic Services  
  • The Bowden Marstan Foundation  
  • The Hutchins Family Endowment  
  • The John Robertson Grigor & Mrs Eva McKenzie Bequest Account Discretionary Trust  
  • The White Family Endowment  
  • Zig Inge Foundation 

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