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What’s the difference between Melbourne Zero and Functional Zero?


‘Advance to Zero’ is a measurable milestone that, when sustained, indicates a community has zero homelessness.  Lets pause on that for a moment.  There will always be factors that tip people into homelessness, but if we can make that rare, brief and non-recurring, then we’ll avoid all the trauma and pain that comes from a longer term of homelessness.  That means moving people into appropriate housing faster than those who become homeless.  And that’s achieved by knowing – by name – everyone who becomes homeless and bringing together all the services they need to get them housed.   

That’s a lot of detail.  ‘Melbourne Zero’ is the front end of that.  It’s the community campaign and Network powered by Launch Housing to build a movement of Melburnians like you who know we should and can end homelessness in our city. We’re all about enabling people, business and organisations to voice their support and take practical actions to help end homelessness in our city, starting with ending rough sleeping by 2030.